Agency News    03.22.18

The Show

We feel a li’l post-Show pontificating coming on. (Slow beard-stroke happening as we speak.)

We (like you, wethinks) are unabashed looker-aheaders. Gaze fixed on the horizon. Faaar more caught up in what’s kicking off than what’s wrapped up. Basically a NASCAR race with no checkered flag. But not really loud like that, and with a nicer smell. Point is, as a few projects end, we’re already careening ‘round the curve with a slew of new ones. Which is prob’ly why The Show always catches us off guard. (WHAAA?! Deadline’s WHEN?!) We all frantically poke around the server hoping someone can actually remember what we did last year. (Someone always does.) And whether the creative-r than thou judges would dig it. (Woopwoop, they did!)

So here’s to The Show. Even though pausing feels like a stop – and stopping feels weird for go people – we gotta confess it feels good to take a quick glance back at a year well spent, hoist the hardware and have a drink or six. Or at the very least pick up a new photo booth pose or two, like the Whatchyoutalkinbout Willis or any number of freeze frames from Napoleon Dynamite’s Canned Heat.

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