Agency News    05.24.18

May 1 Day 1

3 years of independence? Let’s party like primitives and go throw heavy, sharp things.

With some new faces ’round the office and a 3rd (third!!!) year of independence to celebrate, we took the afternoon off and headed over to Bad Axe for some hurling of heavy, sharp objects (positioned to the crew here as ‘team-building’). It’s a potentially serious-harm-inflicting version of that thing we all used to do as theater kids. You know. The trust fall? We make that comparison because you don’t just go waving axes around people you don’t trust. (Hey new people: Justin, Mitzel, Andie – if we ever DO do trust falls for real, we’d so catch you. And not just because your axe-wielding skills are freakishly strong, as we discovered. Though that was enlightening. And if we’re gonna be totally honest, a bit frightening.)

Anyway, once we had a venue, we felt it needed a theme. We’re theme people. So we delved into the history of axe throwing – felt like the right angle since we were celebrating a historic moment of our own. We went way back to the not very fashion-forward Stone Age, fully embracing the era with hideous wigs, fake beards and (to be clear, also fake) animal bone-and-teeth accessories. We also designed a key graphic, because everyone knows themes get sad and lonely without their compadre, the key graphic. We made posters and a little animated book/invite. We even themed the food – and noshed on nuts and berries and other things that could be gathered and collected from the earth’s bounty. Or Costco.

Fun day. And all’s well that ends with no gaping wounds. Got more bullseyes than you might expect. Which is kinda cool yet disturbing at the same time. We think we might be league material.

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