Agency News    01.11.19

New Office

New year, new space, and new business.

Whew. Thinnnnngs arrrre happeninnng. In December, we moved out of Rand Tower to make way for a new boutique hotel. And while we’ll miss our glam, mirror-tiled bar wall, all’s well that ends in the North Loop. Now we’re in a lively, just-opened co-working space two blocks from the river. And we have bikes(!). Also: killer happy hour options. And excellent proximity to MartinPatrick3 and Askov Finlayson. So we expect the fellas in the office to kick up the dapper factor a notch or three. (Just kidding, guys. You keep doing you. It’s working for ya.)

The new space required us to do some declutterifying, so we got rid of everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. We’re like the agency version of the French-girl capsule wardrobe. Or international spies who can fit all our earthly work possessions in a backpack (with the exception of the printer). So if you’ve been avoiding eye contact for fear you’ll be asked haul boxes, it’s safe to look up now. We’re all moved in, and you won’t be asked for manual labor. You will, however, be asked to stop by for a visit sometime. We’ll give you a tour and pretend like we know the names of all our new co-worker bees on the floor. (Would name tags be weird? What are the rules?!) Anyway, hope to see you soon. (Angle for a Wednesday, and we’ll sign you up for the on-site masseuse.)