Agency news      02.26.20

Innovative Ketamine win

Innovative Ketamine win

There’s good news, like
‘Here, I brought you a coffee.’

Then there’s unbelievably spectacular news, like a new cure(!)
for depression(!!).
This. Is about that.

Not to get all heavy on you, but everyone knows someone (or many ones) dealing with the very real struggle that is depression. It’s powerful. And consuming. And the treatment situation up to this point has been pretty discouraging. Dismal even. From medication to meditation, there are endless promises – but most fail to deliver any relief. [But wait – keeeeeep reading. There’s been a breakthrough, and it’s life-changing.]

Our new Chicago-based client, Innovative Ketamine, has a phenomenally effective new treatment for moderate to severe depression. Instead of masking the symptoms, it initiates a healing process that’s offering life-altering results for over 75% of patients – a staggering statistic and incredibly encouraging for the future of depression treatment.

We’re not doctors – or play them on TV – so we’ll give you the short, high-level overview version of how it works:

Traditionally, Ketamine has been primarily used for starting and maintaining anesthesia without reducing blood pressure or lowering the breathing rate. It initiates a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation and temporary loss of consciousness, and has been safely used by anesthesiologists in controlled medical environments since the 1960s.

More recently, Ketamine has been embraced as a highly effective treatment for moderate to severe depression – a huuuuuuge pivotal discovery in the search for a cure. Patients are experiencing an impressive 75% success rate, as opposed to the more typical (and disappointing) 30% effectiveness seen with the drugs more commonly prescribed.

Ketamine is a hallucinogen that induces a dream-like state, creating the sense of a permeable membrane between your conscious and unconscious states. Because the root of depression is often unprocessed trauma from the past, this dissociative state enables you to view events from your life more objectively, enabling you to finally process, make peace with people and move past whatever happened – like a re-set for your brain. So you’re free to enjoy life without all that psychological weight – and it’s truly life changing.

Intrigued? We are. It’s fascinating and we’re going deep – reading every related article we can get our hands on. Here’s a great one.

We’re thrilled to be part of getting this life-altering news out there for the people who need to hear it. Hope is an incredibly amazing message and we feel privileged to be the ones to help share it.