Agency News    01.29.21

Fame is Hiring an Account Director

Gatekeeper. Chief liason-er. Worthy steward of client brand vision. Dare we say, magician? (Dare, we do.) The gist of the role: Leader-ly. Articulate. Smooooooth with clients and fully supportive of the agency team. Also: Visionary enough to blue-sky in brainstorms, yet detailed enough to stay with us when we hit the brass tacks stage. The kind of person we’re looking for: Grab-the-bull-by-the-horns type person (vs bullhorn grabber – which is tooootally different). A go-above-and-beyond-er with 10+ years of references willing to vouch for you. Resourceful visionary who can ‘build the machine’ to make it happen. Energetic ‘I woke up like this’ self-starter. Growth-minded troop-rallier. Houdini-esque problem solver. Sound like you? Well that calls for next steps. You first.   

Official job description hot off the desk of our Job Descriptionist (not a real title, but here you go anyway):

Account Director

The Account Director is the core steward of our client’s brands, ensuring all work done by the agency is superior in quality, and consistent with the brand’s vision. The Account Director takes the lead in establishing strong relationships and productive communication between client and agency, as well as inspiring the internal teams. The Account Director is responsible for significant agency business, a vital contributor to agency growth and financial well-being.

What you’d be doing:

  • Supporting each client’s vision with strategy and tactics that align with their brand purpose 
  • Providing strategic thinking and broad business perspective in order to develop and implement effective marketing and communication campaigns/ideas
  • Recognizing and embracing great creative thinking, developing sound rationale to support the work
  • Representing and defending the agency point of view 
  • Anticipating potential problems, with a commitment to bringing forward creative solutions
  • Appropriately enlisting internal teams and contract resources to address client opportunities/challenges
  • Recognizing and seizing opportunities that will contribute to client and agency growth

You have:

  • BA in Marketing, Communications or Business of similar study
  • 10+ years of agency experience spanning multiple industries and disciplines
  • Senior level business acumen and strategic leadership
  • Superb client management skills 
  • Effective communication skills (you listen, speak, write and present well)   

You excel at:

  • Building relationships with clients and team leads
  • Taking charge of a problem/situation and creating calm out of chaos
  • Taking action to avoid and/or resolve conflict
  • Contributing to FAME Fame profitability through effective management of staff and resources
  • Regularly going above and beyond
  • Training and developing direct reports through effective staffing, delegation, motivation and performance management

Undaunted by that lengthy-ish list? To apply, send resume to with ‘Account Director’ as subject line (so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.)