BlackStack Brewing

Video credit: Cameron Clarkson

Crafting a better
beer story.

The craft beer boom started with its heart in the right place, born out of an honest love for beer. But it’s since spiraled into a never-ending contest to see who can be the hippest, the hottest, the most outrageous – an overwhelming array of overdesigned graphics and out-there names – essentially, a bunch of posers trying to pass themselves off as the real deal.

BlackStack, on the other hand, decided to just be what it is. A place where you can experience great beer, in the former can factory where it’s made. It proudly owns its Industrial Age roots and embraces the building’s actual black stack. The brewery has the working-class feel of a place where people are actually working. It exudes the cool confidence of a brand that knows itself. And knows its beer is indeed the real deal.


  • Environmental design
  • Graphic design
  • Package design