Weight loss: new brand, new rules.

Serial dieters were frustrated. They’d tried everything from membership plans to self-imposed meal-skipping – with disappointing results, often yo-yo-ing right back. They were craving a program that was different. Empathetic. And actually doable. Livea gave them a proven plan – shared via the stories of others who had finally(!) experienced success and could hardly contain their enthusiasm.

The brand was strategically developed with a refreshing sense of humanity, honesty and transparency, shockingly lacking in the category. There’s a perception that diets don’t work, stemming from those unscientific, impossible-to-stick-to plans that require superhuman self-denial and zero social life to succeed. But Livea is more lifestyle than diet, helping people make better choices.

Focused on overall wellbeing, Livea has a team of experts who are really there for their clients. Wholeheartedly on their side. Enthusiastic encouragers equipped to offer counsel on healthy weight loss plans that get results. Cheering them on no matter what the scale says. Confident they will get results, and thrilled to celebrate with them when they do.


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