May 1 Day 1 2020

Mule-ing and bingo-ing in place.

‘Round these here parts, May One Day One is a sacred day. It’s our annual celebration of agency independence and we embrace it fully with a different group activity each year. The state of things this May 1st (the historic-in-a-bad-way 2020) made the festivities a little trickier to plan. But we refused to let a global pandemic crush our eternal optimism. Determined our event would prevail despite city ordinances keeping humans to their habitats, we planned a Party-in-Place, complete with Stuck-at-Home Survival Kits stuffed full of games and Moscow/Kentucky Mule cocktail fixings. Kits were hand-delivered to every employee’s home office by our masked-and-gloved, fear-no-fellow-employee’s-dog-bark agency ambassador.

Pandemic fatigue? Nothing some cheery illustrations and a few bottles of booze can’t fix. After all, we are cup-half-full people. And on this occasion, cup full-full people. Also: bingo. Bingo makes everything better. We even made a puzzle because it helps to feel like you’re able to bring some order to chaos, even if it’s just cardboard chaos. While we’re looking forward to being back in person at some point, we’ve realized our team-w is not defined by physical proximity.


  • Communications
  • Experiential
  • Graphic Design
  • Package Design

We split our crew into two teams because, for us, everything’s a contest. (What can we say? We like fabulous prizes.) Then we donned our designated t-shirts and assembled via Zoom to play Covid-themed Pictionary and Can-o-Beango (bingo starring key quarantine pantry items).

Kits included cocktail ingredients and garnishes for making blackberry-infused bourbon or ginger lime mules – along with detailed recipe cards for remedial muddlers.