Putting more H in HR.

When the 2020 pandemic hit, the about-face to WFH left workplace managers in a panic, dealing with distracted, disjointed teams struggling to engage and collaborate remotely. It was a full-blown culture crisis – where the challenge was finding a way to help people work better together, while officing apart.

The standard HR tools weren’t designed for these new remote office issues. The scenario had completely changed, and those in charge were scrambling for something that would equip their people to better engage, connect and thrive in the remote office environment. Wiley needed a clear, immediate solve that stood out from the typical HR cliches and platitudes, synthesizing a somewhat complex concept in a way that conveyed the benefit for managers. (Happier people are more focused, more productive people.)

The only always-on hub for Everything DiSC, Catalyst gives employees access to their own workstyle profiles, as well as their coworkers’ – like a cheat sheet for real-time assistance in a pre-meeting panic. The campaign put a lighthearted spin on all those workplace encounters with the potential to go less than spectacularly, showing how to steer those interactions in the right direction. In addition to social and banner ads, an interactive landing page prompted managers to combine different worktypes to show how seemingly unlikely pairs can bring out the best in each other. The goal was to show that the better you understand your own interpersonal work style, the more effective you’ll be in relating to and collaborating with others.


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We developed a series of personas representing a range of typical office personalities, then showed how Everything DiSC on Catalyst could help them adapt to bring out the best in each other – essentially creating an Office of Unicorns. The campaign positioned Wiley as the people who channel individual strengths in a way that makes the whole group stronger.