Agency News    05.19.17


NWBOC just declared us a WOWCB. We’re liking the wow in the first part of that.

Apparently Lynne (who is a woman) owning Fame (which is a business) doesn’t technically earn us the right to be called a woman-owned business. (Yeah, we don’t get it either, as our expertise with the law ended with the series finale of Ally McBeal.) There was one more hoop. So jump Lynne did. A spectacular leap – ask anyone there. (We’re talking the woman who runs in heels for charity after all.) So now, it’s truly, happily, legally and officially a real thing­ – with a logo to prove it. We’re now a Woman-Owned and Woman-Controlled Business (hence the WOWCB acronym in the header). Giddyup.