New work      12.28.21

8th (eighth!) MyBurger opens

8th (eighth!) MyBurger opens

Seeing some semi-subtle updates? We commend you on your
fine eye for design. (Or is it eyes. Whatever. They mostly work
as a team.)

You’d think after 8 openings for @myburgerusa, we’d default to auto-mode. (Huuuh?!) Clearly you know little re: The Fame Way, so we shall proceed to enlighten you.) Phone-it-in-ers we are not. On the contrary, for the new Eden Prairie location, we took a good long look in the brand mirror, dreaming up myriad ways we could make MyBurger its best brand self without losing any of its OG MyBurger-ness. 

To clarify, this was a refresh, not a do-over. (Uhhhh, analogy? Ok, got one.) If it were a board game, it wouldn’t be a “go back to start,” but more of a “skip ahead 3 spaces.” We kept the brand’s quirk factor dialed up to its usual 8 or 9, while tweaking the illustration style a bit to keep it current with evolving trends, and adding a handful of graphics to give us more visual wingspan. And since localization is still the brand’s secret sauce (‘til we spilled it just now), we kept that theme going with some new(!) improved(!!) variations. Are brand zealots experiencing whole new levels of zealotry? Are people still digging the overall look and, ergo, the update? Well, it’s early days, but sales and foot traffic are up double-digits, which we’ll interpret as Yes. People dig. 

The Grand Opening was Dec. 30th, which means you’ve missed all the just-opened hoopla, but you can still get in on the eats. So head over to 9258 Hennepin Town Road for an up-close gander at the new branding – over a burger/fry combo. Or salad (with a shake as a reward for that impressive willpower).