Agency news      05.26.22

7 years? Holy Whaaahhhjussshappened

While Fame itself has been around since Vogue-ing and Running Man were semi-cool dance moves (were they though?) – our last 7 years as an indie agency have been particularly jam-action-packed.

As you know, it’s 2022. What you may not know is that means we’ve officially jetted through 7 years of… awholellllllotttta stuff. So in the spirit of keeping this short-winded, here’s a partial list of the whaaahhh-happened’s.

Since 2015:

We became 100% woman owned and got that woman-owned-ness fully certified by the WBENC [bow/curtsy gif here].

We did the Super Bowl. Twice. With Snoop Dog appearance and taxidermy decanters for Jack Link’s. And improv-actor refs throwing flags on fans for Mall of America.

We opened breweries, restaurants and coffee shops:  Blackstack, Bricksworth, MyBurger and 7 Corners to name a few. And created the rules-free, fear-no-combo Lawless Brunch at Granite City, with 300+ Bloody Mary variations.

We braved sub-zero temps at the NHL Winter Classic, coaching fans on goal-celly “stick on fire” moves (among others) for Great Clips.

We took a team jaunt to Aruba. (Work, of course. Not technically part of the Fame bennie package, but a sweet perk nonetheless.)

We opened pet resorts for PetSuites. And we’ve filmed and photographed (mostly non-union hoping-to-get-discovered) dogs, cats and reptiles from California to Canada for NVA.

We helped Innovative Ketomine ease depression with a treatment that’s been proven effective for 75(!)% of patients.

We launched a whole new fitness category for FlyFeet and coined #TreadMighty. Rebranded Basecamp, so more people could live Every Day, Full Carpe. And evolved the identity and space for ohhh, just the biggest fitness franchise in the world (Anytime Fitness).

We put our healthcare disruptor pants on for The Good Clinic, creating the kind of office visit you definitely don’t dread, and may even kind of like? (Sounds weird, but trust us.)

We partnered with Deluxe on extreme makeovers for mom-and-pop shops in small towns across the country. And starred in 4 seasons of Small Business Revolution on Main Street.

We got hundreds of people to get gussied up for a gala. In January. In Minneapolis. (For St. Jude, which admittedly made it easier to rally the troops to show up all spiffy in their black tie getups.)

We brought in baby goats, celebrated with freakishly flexible acrobats, and learned out how to party out of a box when quarantine left us (just about) option-less.

We made up holidays that – hmph – now that we’re thinking about it, all featured food (not surprising, just interesting). Dip Day and Snacksgiving if you were wanting some “fer-instances.”

We turned a Swiss Timberland store into a World Economic Forum hospitality space for Hewlett Packard Enterprises, and dazzled the techy crowd with glowing video orbs at Discover Madrid.

We made a Wings bank flagship lobby loungier, and added a few new retailers to our roster, like Best Buy, Verizon, Revlon and Canary.

We broke into new categories that could not possibly be different-er on the scale of off-roading to kidney care (PS: there is no such scale, but maybe there should be). We took on ATVs (Polaris), Wellness (Livea), Education (Wiley), Engineering (KFI), and multiple areas of Healthcare, from benefits to virtual care (Ucare/Essentia, Aspirus, ConnectiCare, Innovative Ketamine, Amplify MD and Cricket Health).
We branded and launched Lynne’s side gig, Lead Like a Mother, and staged multiple mingler/discussion events with rock-star panels.

And finally, we adopted dogs, juried industry events, team-fundraised for the St. Jude Run/Walk and put in some gratis time to help out a local school district.

So our shortlist got a little long there, as we were trying to be event-inclusive – thanks for hanging with us. We appreciate your partnership these past 7 years, through thick and thin – and Covid. We’re so very grateful to have you as friends, colleagues, co-creators and AFEs (Avid Fame Enthusiasts).