Agency news      09.01.22

Couple-a new(!) wins(!).

Sooo, an electronics line and health insurance brand walk into a bar. No wait – an agency. Ours. (That’s an announcement, not a joke opener.)

Let’s start with Surest – a health insurance company taking an entirely different (and much needed/very welcome) approach – exxxxactly the way you’d take it if you were the Boss of the Whole Health Insurance World. No deductibles or coinsurance getting in the way of care. Just clear, easy-to-compare costs and choices. Accessed via an intuitive app.

They had just changed the name to more quickly communicate the clarity, confidence and control they give members. A solid brand look had been established, but they wanted us to further refine and expand the identity, giving them a distinct, ownable system that pays off their “refreshingly straightforward” personality, and flexes across all channels.

Secondly (and very blue-and-yellow-y) is Insignia. It’s one of Best Buy’s owned brands, and was desperately in need of a rethink. Our pitch work won us the honors.

Because most consumers didn’t recognize Insignia as a Best Buy brand, our role was to give it a distinct identity that clearly telegraphs that positioning, and still feels linked to the iconic look they’d established for the mothership. Basically a tether-ball project. Exploring alllll the possibilities while still keeping it connected to the “pole” so to speak.

Sooo, that’s what’s happening here. Well, that and some (non-work-related) big State Fair plans. Also much contemplation regarding the warp-speed of June, July and August. (Heeeyyy, not so fast, Summer. You can’t ditch us yet. We’re not readyyy – stayyyyy. Please stay. Just a little longer. Y’know. For us.)