Press      11.01.22

Big, crazy merger news!!
[Stop. Read again.]

Changing our status to “in a relationship.”

That’s right. Fame and broadhead are together now, in case you were wondering about those shiny new keys on our ring. (Haven’t moved in just yet, but soon.)

So yeah. Same Fame name, but new office setup, and broader, deeper expertise and capabilities. Lynne Robertson will remain president of Fame, and serve on broadhead’s executive leadership team to help guide the collaboration moving forward.

There are a whole lotta reasons this agency mashup makes perfect sense, with two of the list-toppers being a freakishly similar vision, and exceptionally complementary skillsets [finger dovetail motion here]. Plus the same fiercely independent spirit (broadhead is Minnesota’s largest autonomous agency), and an equally long history of delighting clients by helping them discover their greater.

We’re both committed to courageous, customer-centric solutions and measurable brand experiences that build engagement and grow demand. And our collective clients are pogo-stick happy about the combo of Fame’s experiential marketing and retail knowhow, with broadhead’s deep strategy, engagement and data analytics. Giddyup.

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