Agency News    10.08.19

Anytime Fitness Win

There’s big news. And there’s whopping 4,000-gyms-in-32-countries news. Our Anytime Fitness win is that second one.

The growth trajectory of Anytime Fitness is track-star stupendous. It’s the world’s largest fitness franchise, opening over 4,600 locations in 32 countries on all(!) 7(!) continents – in less than 20 years. Now the leadership team is future-proofing, repositioning the brand to continue to dominate over the next 20 years with an insight-driven new vision and strategy. And they’ve enlisted our expertise to create a brand identity and club experience that align with where they’re headed and deliver on that new promise in a way only Anytime Fitness can. 

The general plan is to innovate beyond convenient, anytime access, and address the growing consumer demand for lifestyle-driven products and services – all of which requires some floor plan/traffic flow reconfigury as well as an elevated aesthetic for both the brand and environment. Chosen for our purposeful approach and ability to bring a whole lot of humanity into brand engagement, we’re creating a next-level experience compelling enough to keep 4 million people coming back daily – even more for the exceptionally hard core. (We applaud you, twice daily-ers.)