New work      02.08.18

MOA Super Bowl activation

MOA Super Bowl activation

Too many mochas on the field? Penalty. Dressed for the wrong sport? (Whistle.) Men in camo: this is football, not a duck hunt.

Fake (but faaaairly convincing) refs took the field on behalf of Mall of America at Super Bowl Live and kept the yellow flags flying for glamour don’ts, sports fan no-no’s and crowd-etiquette-related fan fouls in a crowd-pleasing Fame/Street Factory collabo leading up to the big game.

Moooost people got the joke. For the few who didn’t, well, we feel a little sad for you and hope you’re not still wondering why you got called out for wearing team gear for a franchise that didn’t make it past the first round of playoffs. For the record, the crowd was laughing WITH you, not at you. And hey, you got one of 10,000(!) MOA Mystery Gift Cards out of it. So who got the last laugh? (You, proud Buffalo fan. You. That matchy hat/jacket/fanny pack combo is very spiffy and don’t let anyone tell you differently.)

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