Mall of America

Making the Super Bowl even more share-worthy.

People flock to the Super Bowl for way more than the game. They want the spectacle – the whole immersive "only-there, only-then" experience, and the bragging rights that come with being right there in the thick of it. So when the game came to Minneapolis, Mall of America couldn’t just hand out gift cards. They needed to surprise fans with an unexpected moment they couldn’t stop talking about.


  • Experiential
  • Graphic Design

Throughout the Fan Zone, ridiculously in-your-face improv actors dressed as refs blew whistles and threw flags on fan ‘penalties’ – from being over-logo’d to food line interference to un-Minnesotan-like conduct. Refs had loudspeakers, arm motions – the works. Fans ate it up, begged for selfies with the actors and shared like crazy via social media.

Fans also cashed in their gift cards by the thousands, resulting in record-high redemption rates, surpassing all previous Mall of America gift card promotions to date.
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